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Quest Mega 8 Biotix

Quest Mega 8 Biotix

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Quest Mega 8 Biotix

A high potency supplement containing 8 strains of lactobacilli bacteria.

Quest probiotic products are manufactured 100% in-house from proprietary probiotic master cultures with proven stability and survivability in the Gastro Intestinal (GI) Tract

Mega 8 Biotix is a high potency supplement containing a blend of 30 billion lactobacilli bacteria including: L.fermentum, L.gasseri, L.bulgaricus, L.paraplantarum, L.plantarum, L.casei, L.Rhamnosus and L.acidophilus.


Maltodextrin, capsule shell (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, gelling agent: gellan gum), lyophilised lactobacilli culture, magnesium stearate, antioxidant, ascorbic acid.

Contains no hydrogenated fat, animal substances, artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, added sucrose, lactose, salt yeast wheat or gluten.

Suitable for vegans.



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