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Primrose's Kitchen Energy Juice & Smoothie booster

Primrose's Kitchen Energy Juice & Smoothie Booster

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Product Description:

This Juice and Smoothie Booster is an energising combination of powdered plant foods and sprouted hemp protein to give you a nutritious boost and protein source to fuel you through your day.

Perfect before a workout or for a Friday night pick me up after a long week at work.


maca powder, sprouted hemp protein powder, moringa powder and cordyceps mushroom powder.


1 tsp 1-3x daily in juice or smoothie

+ Wheatfree   + Glutenfree   + Dairy Free   + Soya Free

Nutrition Information:

per 100g / per 2g serving
Protein (g) 30.7 / 0.6g
Energy (kcal) 312/6.24
Energy (kj) 1301/ 26.02
Carbohydrates 45.7/0.9g
(of which sugars) 11.1/0.2g
Fat 7/0.1g
of which saturates 1.25/0.02g
Fibre 28.5/0.6g
Salt 0.03/0vg
Caprylic Acid  
Capric Acid  
Lauric Acid  
of which polunsaturated fatty acids  
Omega 3  
Folic Acid  

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