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Pharma Nord Bio-Trim 90 tabs

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Bio-Trim What is Bio-Trim? Bio-Trim is a combination dietary supplement formulated to assist with effective weight reduction. In contrast with the rapid weight loss achieved via crash dieting (i.e. based on a dramatic reduction in food intake), Bio-Trim is aimed at controlled long-term weight reduction, obtained via the manipulation of specific areas of metabolic biochemistry relevant to weight reduction. Bio-Trim contains four substances, each of which relates to a specific metabolic area as outlined below:- l-carnitine, chromium, coenzyme Q10, and a plant extract from the Malabar tamarind (Garcinia cambogia), an Indian fruit used in curries. What does Bio-Trim do? The components of Bio-Trim are directed at four major areas of metabolism of relevance to weight loss i.e. fat metabolism, sugar balance, digestion and energy production. L-carnitine promotes efficient utilization of fat within the body, by mediating the transport of fatty acids into muscle tissue, for conversion into energy. Chromium is a component of the Glucose Tolerance Factor, which is involved in the control of sugar metabolism within the body. Coenzyme Q10 is involved in the cellular energy generation process, and helps maintain the body’s energy supply when dietary intake is reduced. Garcinia cambogia, a dried fruit used for culinary purposes in India, has a filling effect, reducing hunger. How much Bio-Trim should you take? Pharma-Nord recommends 1 tablet three times daily, taken with water 30 minutes before meals. Are there adverse effects from taking Bio-Trim? Bio-Trim is stimulant-free, and usually well tolerated, with no reports of significant adverse effects. Chromium used in Bio-Trim is in an organic form, which does not cause the gastrointestinal disturbances sometimes associated with inorganic forms of chromium. The individual components comprising Bio-Trim are of low toxicity. Bio-Trim is not recommended for individuals allergic to citrus fruits, or prone to migraines. Individuals with impaired renal function should exercise caution if taking chromium containing supplements. Diabetics taking chromium containing supplements may require modification of their insulin medication. About Pharma-Nord Bio-Trim Each tablet of Pharma-Nord Bio-Trim contains 50mg carnitine, 30 microgm chromium, 10mg coenzyme Q10, and 300mg of Garcinia cambogia. Bio-Trim is formulated to complement a healthy diet, as part of a nutritionally controlled weight loss programme. Bio-Trim is manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control.


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