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Our MissionStrong family ties have always been the foundation of my life and so it may come as no surprise that the Bare Health Team consists of my mum and I. A true family affair!! During my university years, mum and I often discussed the idea of owning our own Health store. Through our shared passion, studies and having developed a wealth of experience over the years, building strong relationships with customers, clients and suppliers alike, we found ourselves presented with the exciting opportunity to open our own store & clinic.

Bare Health, as a concept, stands for health at its simplest and purist. It’s about looking at health in its entirety, stripping it down to Bare Basics then restoring, rebalancing & rebuilding. Nurturing mind, body and soul. Bare Health Healthy Living Store is the means to achieve this. It provides people with the means to think about what they are eating, we sell and educate about healthy nutritious food, it aims to get people thinking about what they put on their skin, educating about the harmful ingredients in toiletries & cosmetics, providing a range of unique and quality brands that not only feel, smell and look great, but more importantly heal and repair, naturally. It provides supplements & remedies to support your body when it falls short or needs rebalancing, It provides therapies to restore, de-stress, rejuvenate, heal, balance and nourish your mind & soul, It provides environmentally friendly household products from natural candles to recycled wheelie bin & compost bags to cleaning products, it provides sports products to help you exercise for longer and recover quicker, it provides unique gift ideas for all the family, it supports local charities & projects, and most importantly it serves to educate & inform, with an aim to deliver top quality service, all under one roof and with a warm friendly approach and a smile.!
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