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Primrose's Kitchen

With her background in Naturopathic and Complementary health studies, Primrose (founder of Primrose's Kitchen) wanted to use her knowledge of how to keep our bodies balanced into designing a natural and wholesome food. With breakfast being our favourite meal of the day due to its quick assembly Primrose’s Kitchen began from a desire to make muesli into a healthy food for any occasion, not just first thing in the morning.

The range is formulated to the following naturopathic principles:

  • A naturopathic diet follows the six guiding principles of naturopathy:
  • Trust that the body can heal itself
  • Identify and treat the cause
  • Treat the person as an integrative whole
  • Use non-harming and non-invasive techniques
  • Focus on overall health, wellness and disease prevention
  • Use education to allow people to take responsibility for their health

By including ingredients you might associate more with lunch or dinner such as beetroot and carrot she wanted create a versatile health food that tasted great and could be eaten as a healthy snack whatever time of the day.

Ideally for a more balanced diet we should be eating as much or more fruit and vegetables than we do grains.

From this it seemed logical that if she was going to add a healthy ingredient like vegetables why not add other nutritious ingredients not found in breakfast muesli that support good health.

And so emerged two utterly delicious Gluten & wheat free mueslis.

"This Breakfast Cereal has become a favourite of the team & customers at Bare Health - it not only tastes divine but is exceptionally good for you too. Definately one to try!"

Primroses Kitchen
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