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BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil Sport spray 100ml

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  • Providing 800 measured sprays.
  •  A natural topical spray to help maintain skeleton, muscles and joint health. Efficiently replaces magnesium lost through sweat and the increased metabolism of exercise regimes. Containing magnesium, black pepper, camphor and lemon oils. 
  • Magnesium is the single most important mineral to sports nutrition that no serious athlete can afford to overlook. 

Formulated for topical use, essential magnesium is absorbed directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells immediately.


Purified water, Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride. (29% concentration), camphor oil, black pepper oil, lemon oil.

BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil contains Zechstein Inside® magnesium chloride, mined in Northern Europe from the ancient Zechstein Sea mineral deposits, condensed and purified over 250 million years old and one mile below ground. Other sources of magnesium chloride are farmed from open seas and unfortunately contain a growing amount of man-made pollutants.

Praise for BetterYou™ Magnesium Oil:

"Training for the World Cup has been intense and demanding. Magnesium Oil has become essential to enhance performance." Rory Fallon, Ipswich and New Zealand World Cup 2010 "Having tested this product at Euro 2008, having very good results for the football players after effort...... we strongly recommend this product for further usage in other sports and teams." Dr Pompiliu Popescu, Romanian National Football team

The Magnesium Oil training regime:

Apply BEFORE training to aid warm-up and stretching. Apply DURING training in natural breaks to replenish magnesium and keep muscles supple. Apply AFTER session for the ultimate muscle and joint rub.



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